• Forklift mobile eyewash station

    Forklift mobile eyewash station

    •1. Advantages and disadvantages •Advantages: technical parameters meet the new national standards; where to move to where the portable mobile type; •Disadvantages: It meets national standards and uses it continuously for 15 minutes, and the cost is relatively high. •2. Design pressure: 0.6pmg •3. Use pressure 0.20–0.40pmg •4. Material: 304 stainless steel •5. Tank thickness: 4mm •6. Tank volume: ≥1500L, tank diameter: 1308mm, tray size: 1308*1308*100. •7. Safety valve: tank pressure>...
  • Customized eyewash

    Customized eyewash

    Customers can make customized eyewash according to different requirements, such as water storage tank eye wash, built-in emergency flush eye wash, electric heat eye wash, stainless steel rail eye wash, mobile cart eye wash, etc