Customized eyewash

Customers can customize customized eyewash equipment according to different usage requirements, such as water tank eyewash, embedded shower head eyewash, electric eyewash, stainless steel fence eyewash, mobile eyewash, etc.


For example, university laboratories, hospital laboratories and other small places usually require embedded or hidden eyewash to reduce the equipment footprint and facilitate the operation of the staff. 


It is suitable to install a composite eyewash in the chemical room, which consists of an eyewash device and a spray device, and is directly installed on the ground for use. When chemical substances are sprayed on the clothing or body of workers, the spray system of the composite eyewash can be used for washing; when harmful substances are sprayed on the workers’ eyes, face, neck or arms, it can be used The eyewash system of the compound eyewash is flushed. Choose the appropriate type of eyewash according to the future of work. For example, a portable eyewash can be used in a working environment with inconvenient water sources. A compound eyewash device can be used in the factory, which has both a spray system and an eyewash system, which is very convenient to use.


Or for areas with extremely flooded water sources or construction sites where it is difficult to obtain water due to site limitations, our customers generally customize water storage eyewashers, and at the same time require water storage period, water quality and other parameters to meet standards


For example, in view of the temperature and climate type in the Middle East, we recommend using a series of refrigerated eyewash, such as refrigerated eyewash; for the extremely cold climate of Alaska in North America, customers generally customize heated eyewash or antifreeze eyewash, if there are any For other specific needs, such as DCS system or warm water circulation system, we can customize related products for you according to customer requirements.


At the same time, in view of the different natural and climatic conditions in different countries and regions, we can customize specific eye washers according to the needs of local customers.